Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Im not vain, just bored. And I was pleased with how my hair looked today :)


  1. you are one of the prettiest people i've seen!!

  2. you are beautiful, and i love your make up. how do you do it and what do you use? x

  3. urrrm i use either dark green, purple or brown eye shawdow on the corners and blend inwards with a light colour, lots og mascara (either max factor or l'oreal masterpiece mascara) and max factor foundation! hope that was help? thankyou for the compliment, very flatterd! haha x

  4. you have a very pretty face! you could be a make-up model or something :) and you'll probably have such a lovely british accent!
    is oxford a nice city? i once had the chance to go there, but i stayed in londen. i'm probably going to oxford in summer (i know some friends who are studying there)


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